Fr. Ian M. Delinger- Director

Fr. Ian Delinger returned to his native California in 2016 after 14 years away, attending seminary, being ordained and ministering in the Church of England. He comes from a very musical family, and has fond memories of band and choir in high school and college. He was an avid symphony-goer while living in the UK, and was privileged to witness several performances of the distinguished Hallé Choir when they performed with the Hallé Symphony Orchestra in Manchester (UK), including three performances of Mahler’s “Symphony of a Thousand”. Fr. Ian cherishes the Anglican choral tradition, which is an important part of St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church in SLO, where he is Rector. He is very interested in finding ways to inspire a new generation of choral and orchestral music-goers. Perhaps being involved with Vocal Arts Ensemble will encourage him to brush off his vocal chords and sing in places other than his living room and car.